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Brett Wilson

Academic Publications

Rich Visualizations from Discrete Primitives
Brett Wilson
(PhD Dissertation)
Dynamic Voronoi Hierarchies
Brett Wilson and Kwan-Liu Ma.
(Unpublished, 2005)
Visualization for Computational Accelerator Physics
Kwan-Liu Ma, Greg Schussman, Brett Wilson.
(Chapter 47 of The Visualization Handbook)
High-Quality Lighting and Efficient Pre-Integration for Volume Rendering
Eric B. Lum, Brett Wilson, Kwan-Liu Ma.
(Presented at VisSym 2004.)
Representing Complexity in Computer-Generated Pen-and-Ink Illustrations
Brett Wilson, Kwan-Liu Ma.
(Presented at NPAR 2004.)
Advanced Visualization Technology for Terascale Particle Accelerator Simulations
Kwan-Liu Ma, Greg Schussman, Brett Wilson, Kwok Ko, Ji Qiang, Robert Ryne.
(Presented at Supercomputing 2002.)
A Hardware-Assisted Hybrid Rendering Technique for Interactive Volume Visualization
Brett Wilson, Kwan-Liu Ma, Patrick McCormick.
(Presented at VolVis 2002.)
Interactive Visualization of Particle Beams for Accelerator Design
Brett Wilson, Kwan-Liu Ma, Ji Qiang, Robert Ryne.
(Presented at ICCS 2002.)
Interactive Multi-Volume Visualization
Brett Wilson, Eric B. Lum, Kwan-Liu Ma.
(Presented at ICCS 2002.)


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