Chocolate Brett Wilson

Molded chocolates

Chocolate chunks in a microwave-safe plastic bowl for melting.

Pouring the chocolate onto the marble for tempering.

Tempering the chocolate on a slab of marble.

Filling the molds with the tempered chocolate.

Dumping out the extra chocolate to leave an empty shell.

The hardened shells.

Filling the hardened shell with ganache (a mixture of chocolate and cream, and, in this case, some butter and raspberry liqueur).

Putting the bottom on after the filling has hardened.

Dipped chocolates

Ganache (a mixture of chocolate and cream) is hardened and cut into bite-sized pieces.

The resulting hardened ganache centers.

Dipping a center into tempered, melted chocolate.

The hardened chocolates after dipping.

Leftover chocolate being poured into a bar mold.

They look better and are easier to handle in little paper cups. Plus, the cups keep them from knocking into each other and getting scuffed in the box.


Pictures taken 30-31 October 2003
Copyright © 2003 Brett Wilson