Chocolate Brett Wilson
Tempering machine

2004.08.22 My Revolation II chocolate tempering machine.

Brett with bar

2003.10.23 Me with a 5kg (11 pound) bar of 56.4% Callebaut #815. The bar is 1.5 inches thick. This one, rather unusually, did not crack during shipment.

Brian with tubs

2003.10.23 My roommate Brian with 2 tubs of 55% Valrhona Équatoriale. One is brand new and weighs 3kg (6.6 pounds). The other has some Michel Cluizel in it.

Christmas 2002

2002.12 These are the boxes of chocolates I made for Christmas presents in 2002: 13 pounds, 15 boxes.


2003.6 Me at La Maison du Chocolat in Paris. I spent about $100 for the contents of that small bag.

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